Check out what's cooking at GHES!

Welcome to school year 2015-2016! 

Our monthly menu will be posted on our web page and also sent home by students. Please check your child's book bag. It is not often that changes are made with our menu but sometimes it is unavoidable. When this occurs it will be posted on the GHES web site, Mrs. Spidle will make an announcement & changes will be posted visibly in the cafeteria. I urge you to encourage your child to eat at school as these menus are planned with your child in mind, having met federal and state guidelines. I realize students may not like each item on their tray but a variety is offered so hunger will not be a problem.

Let me remind you that a new application must be completed each school year for free or reduced meals. Forms are available at the office at GHES. Applications are processed at the Clarke County Board of Education and not within the school. You will receive a letter by mail stating the status your child qualifies. If you do not receive a letter, the application has not been processed but will be soon. Please do not call the school inquiring if you have not received a letter.

Our child nutrition program participants in the Healthier US School Challenge. Obesity threatens the healthy future of one third of all American children. For the first time in American history, our children's life expectancy may be shorter than their parents. Michelle Obama supports our goal, "Let's Move" to raise a healthier generation of kids. Please help our Child Nutrition Program by lending a hand to encourage healthy eating outside of school. We cannot do this alone.


Our kindergarten students will go directly from the bus to their classroom upon arriving at school. The teacher will place a necklace on the student with their meal account number. A brother, sister or an adult will assist the younger student in returning to the cafeteria for breakfast. This allows time for our young students to learn the cafeteria procedure. PLEASE help your child learn their meal number so the line will move smoothly and we can stay on schedule. If you have been in our cafeteria during mealtime, you realize the importance of procedure. Students WILL NOT be counted absent if they are late for class due to eating breakfast.

We have began selling extra food items. Please send all money in an envelope with your child's name, homeroom teacher's name and amount enclosed written on the envelope. Ice cream money SHOULD NOT be included with lunch money. All money will be put in your child's meal account.

Allergy students are required to have an updated doctor's statement each school year. Please send this to our school nurse. A note from the parent will not be sufficient. It must be a doctor's statement. A menu will be sent home. Please circle the day that a meal will be brought from home due your child's allergy. Return this marked menu to Wylynn Dunegan, CNP manager. We will assist you if we can but we can not prepare a meal solely for your child. Each school year we have more and more allergy students. We must have time to prepare.

Meal applications should be submitted before the deadline in September. No bills will be sent home the first few weeks of school. In September Mrs. Walker, CNP Cashier, will send bills home by your child each Monday. Please check book bags for this statement.

GHES has been selected to receive funds to administer the USDA Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program. This program provides all children in school with a variety of free fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the school day. It is an effective and creative way of introducing fresh fruits and vegetables as healthy snack options This program is an important means to combat childhood obesity by helping children learn more healthful eating habits. It also introduces school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to sample.

I'm excited about this school year! We hope to see you at breakfast and lunch. Remember...YOU CAN NOT TEACH A HUNGRY CHILD!!

Wylynn Dunegan CNP Manager, GHES

SNA Certified, ServSafe Certified